Turkey Tail-Trametes versicolor – Coriolus versicolor /Polyporus versicolor

Turkey Tail-Trametes versicolor – Coriolus versicolor /Polyporus versicolor 

Trametes versicolor – also known as Coriolus versicolor and Polyporus versicolor – is a common polypore mushroom found throughout the world. 
Meaning 'of several colours', versicolor reliably describes this fungus that displays different colors. 
For example, because its shape and multiple colors are similar to those of a wild turkey, T. versicolor is commonly called turkey tail.

Immune-Boosting Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom
✔Turkey tail contains a wide variety of phenol and flavonoid antioxidants which help promote your immune system health by reducing inflammation and stimulating the release of protective compounds
PSK and PSP are powerful polysaccharopeptides found in turkey tail mushrooms that may strengthen the health of your immune system.
Turkey tail mushrooms contain components such as PSK and CVG that may suppress the growth of certain types of cancers.
Several research studies have demonstrated that turkey tail mushroom enhances the efficacy of both chemotherapy and radiation in people with certain cancers.
Turkey tail mushroom may positively impact gut bacterial balance by enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria while suppressing harmful species.

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