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About the product

  • A Chestnut Mushroom is the same mushroom as White Button Mushrooms, but it is a strain that grows just a bit browner instead of white, giving it a tan-coloured top.
  •  They are very much like Cremini Mushrooms and about the same size.
  • They have better flavour and texture than the plain white mushrooms.
  • Chestnut Mushrooms are also allowed to grow into larger sizes to be sold as “Portobellos.” Sometimes Portobellos are also called “Flat Chestnut Mushrooms” for this reason.
  • Chestnut Mushrooms are a member of the Agaricus family of mushrooms.

Common Name: Chestnut Fungi 

Scientific Name: Pholiota adiposa

How to use this product: Culinary Uses

Specifications:Mushrooms, Culture, Spawn, Powder

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